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New Goat

New Goat - Boer Goat Doe
Our New Goat 
Boer Goat Doe
Price: $900
Born: 04/02/2005
Sire: Casper
Dam: Safire

This is a goat that has done very well for us.


Shrek - Boer Goat Doe
Boer Goat Doe
Price: $1100
Born: 01/01/2003
Sire: Bosque Valley Teejay
Dam: Big Hickory's Maribella

Shrek is a valiant buck - the true foundation of our herd - and will be a great addition to any goat farm.  This buck has many years of siring ahead of him, and we hate to see him go, but we are going to reseed our herd with a new line.


Test - Boer Goat Doe
Boer Goat Doe


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Test - Boer Goat Doe
Boer Goat Doe
Price: - 50 Pesos
Born: Not Born
Sire: No Dad
Dam: No Mom

Test Doe 2

Test Doe 2 - Boer Goat Doe
Boer Goat Doe
Price: $1200
Born: 01/05/2007

Let's choose a herd for you, such as 5 percentage Boer Doelings and 1 Fullblood Boer Goat Buckling for a price of $1,450. Call for help in choosing your herd! Your herd will grow each year with more does. Goats usually kid twins and sometimes triplets, and are capable of kidding twice in 18 months. They are an effective addition to a cattle herd to more efficiently use the pasture. Also, they are more profitable than cattle.
We are located on 70 acres on the Missouri / Arkansas border near Oklahoma and Kansas, 30 minutes East of Branson, just off Hwy 86 - on all paved roads - overlooking beautiful Table Rock Lake in the Ozark Mountains. If you are traveling far, we have two lake front guest houses you can stay in when you come to pick up your quality Fullblood Buck, or Fullblood Doe, or Percentage Registered Boer Doe or Boer Show Wether . You can stop to take in the sights in Branson or fish on Table Rock lake before heading home. See our Contact link for information about our guest houses.

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Gregory Motes
10910 Lakeside Vista Dr
Riverview, FL 33569


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