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Welcome to Boer Goat Web Design
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If you have stumbled across this page by accident, it is not an actual sales site. This site is a test site for www.CCFDesign.com, to show off the capabilities of the database system that runs all of the new sites. It is also a testing ground for new ideas, so some of the content might be nonsense - that is just testing the capabilities of the site. So, none of the goats listed on this site belong to CCFDesign - but they do belong to clients of CCFDesign - so if you see something you like, fill out the contact form and ask about a specific goat.

Most of the goat, sheep and beagle sites like to use these text areas to keep their visitors abreast of changes made on the site (new animals posted for sale) or to let people know about an upcoming goat show or beagle trial.


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This picture is 600 pixels wide - click on it for the full 700 pixel wide picture.


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Text with the pictures inset
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We are located on 70 acres on the Missouri / Arkansas border near Oklahoma and Kansas, 30 minutes East of Branson, just off Hwy 86 - on all paved roads - overlooking beautiful Table Rock Lake in the Ozark Mountains. If you are traveling far, we have two lake front guest houses you can stay in when you come to pick up your quality Fullblood Buck, or Fullblood Doe, or Percentage Registered Boer Doe or Boer Show Wether . You can stop to take in the sights in Branson or fish on Table Rock lake before heading home. See our Contact link for information about our guest houses.
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Sometimes you will want to hyperlink to another site - click the image above to visit CCFDesign.com

Sometimes you will want to hyperlink to another site - click the image above to visit CCFDesign.com


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